"From The People's Republic of Podcasting..."

Radio U.ca exists to bring you voices you never thought you would hear, and connect the owners of those voices with people they never dreamed of reaching.
My name is Mike Ulmer.
I have toiled as a sportswriter, author and blogger but there has been honest work sprinkled in there too.
Thanks to a book named M is for Maple and the kindness of former employers I visited with 20,000 school kids to talk about writing and Canada.
My words have read by millions of Canadians in newspapers from coast to coast.

You need to know I fervently believe in kindness, fairness and greatness and that I find all those elements in this most imperfect union named Canada.
At Radio U.ca we deal in Universal Truth, Hamilton Style. We find what is true here is true pretty well everywhere else.
Plus, if you can't find riveting human behaviour in Hamilton, buddy, you don't get out enough.
If a story touches you, do share it on your network. Sharing, in spirit and in deed, is the lifeblood of any community, none more so than this one.

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